Friday, November 28, 2014

pork chop sandwiches, football and pie in the face

i have to say the first DAY OF THE CHAD was a great one. each year  should get better and more popular as the Chads of the world find out

now it is coming to Fantasy football play offs...looks like my gambles did not pay off yet again. so i will not be getting any money..again. next year it is auto pick

at least my packers are doing well (so far). Moving Clay Mathews all over seems to have really helped. We will see sunday Vs New England

I have no gamer conventions until April (WHOSYERCON)

that will be the weekend before I open up the i will be rooting for April to arrive as soon as football is over

last week ish
i was in South Carolina.  I had a bet with my good friend jen that our friend Brian would see her first(photo bombing me)

she chose Heather seeing it first
well you can decide who won the bet

for the record, i let her chose that is all her fault

it is best not to bet against me

now you know and knowing is half the battle

pork chop sandwiches

my fav starts at 2:31


  1. pork chop sandwiches is the best one. thanks for posting that

  2. It was a amazing week having you here even though I lost the bet (Just for the record guys I let Chad Delp win) but who doesn't like whip cream in the face. Plus I got him back by rubbing my face all over his. So HA

    1. i never saw pics of you rubbing your face on mine, so no pics, then it didnt happen ;)

  3. jen it was great being there and seeing you. i had a blast

    1. Same here wish the weather would of been better but we made the best of it

    2. i think we did a great job making the best of it