Monday, November 3, 2014

yesterday and back

well , looks like my fantasy football teams are taking a crap again. I need to stop going with my gut on players and start using my Brain.
Hoping somehow the NY giants can shut down Luck and Indy tonight.

Nerd/True Dungeon News
I got my Modules for the 2014 runs today. They look sweet
also received 2 proof tokens...Excellent

had a short but productive Pathfinder adventure last night. I redid an old character Corbin Ignus. He is a fighter. pretty bad ass. Surrounded by spellcasters and a ranger. So when he hits, he hits hard
i will do another post later of story progression up to this point

GAMEHOLECON(great name) is this weekend in Madison Wisconsin. So i will be making a trip there on my Birthday to play a few games one is run by this guy

my good friend cory..he posted about is adventure that he is running there

then the other is by this guy

he is in for a surprise