Thursday, November 13, 2014

gamehole con day 2 part 2

so after the game, we ate at the hotel bar then prepared for the WORLDS worst dungeon crawl with you guessed it

hosting/dming the event
there were 4 seats sold at $50 each(none of us got those)
2 seats would have a roll off for $20 donation ...note the money for this event went to the  Madisonharvest food bank(which they raised over $1000 for)
Paul, Cory, Brando and I all donated. and got into the roll off(i big foam 20 sided die)
 of course I roll a 9, Paul rolls a 9, Brando rolls a 19, Cory rolls a 20..there were a bunch of other rollers too.
Cory was automatically in, Brando tied with the Gamehole con they had to roll again
brando rolled a 9..the other a 3

so brando won.

i was too busy laughing to pay attention to what happened in the first half..they all survived

the second half I was annoyed by a late arrival(to the audience )..he thought he was the funniest person ever...I did not laugh once..although, i almost punched him in the face once

long story short(too late)
the dungeon ended on a dream with the Dungeon Bastard kissing Brando on the cheek (he was roll playing as a princess) and Brando's character awoke in jail..the whole adventure never happened

side note
i finally got the post convention cold
I have Nerdebola

it sucks. trying to get well

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