Sunday, November 23, 2014

best things in life are

so I was sick as hell all last week and last weekend. Thanks Nerd-ebola
well i had to do manly outdoor things when I was sick as hell.
we had a snow storm coming in so stuff had to get done. I chopped wood for the fire place.

then it slowly started adding up

then finally all nice and neatly stacked

i ended up with 2 (completely split) 5 foot high, 1 foot deep and 6 foot long stacks of fire wood. i am pretty bad ass

so next
Put away all fall items and put together my snow blower and make sure it would run

then had to shovel(snow blow) the 0.25 mile drive way

so last weekend was a busy weekend
so as for my title..the best things in life are not free...they are the ones you have to work your behind off for

this weekend i went away for a mini work trip..i may post about that later

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