Monday, November 24, 2014

Day of The Chad

i like day of The Chad, better.
so Wednesday before thanksgiving has been decided to be day of The Chad.  So it will easily be remembered.
A group of us Chads got together (it is 2015 so it was a quick Facebook post) and came up with a day.
This was the day it was going to be. That way the day changes every year.(other than being the day before thanksgiving

since I came up with Day of The Chad..I have decided (i took a vote and it was 1 to nothing) that I should be president of The Chad chapter
now some of you are asking why is there a chad day

well let me tell you why
#1 we it shall be

B. we wanted to be the Taras of the world can copy us..we win

#5 we have a freaking country named after may be 3rd world, but it suck it trebek

K.why the hell not. there is a day for everything else. we have people who are not pirates and walking around thinking they are on national pirate day..posers

so while the rest of you are getting ready for family crap. The Chads of the world will be taking a moment (at minimum ) or the whole freaking day and being Happy we are one of the Chads.
Day of the Chad 2016 will have Tshirts and stuff. We have to get the word out.

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