Thursday, December 4, 2014

XMAS Shopping and randoms

So I am horrible to Xmas shop for.

so if you want to get me something the link is here

Xmas Gifts

So hopefully I dont get in too much trouble for that

I am the worst person to shop for. I dont need anything or want anything.
So if the people out there in internets land can get The Boss( Springsteen) to give me a call or drop by, that would be a cool gift
or Get me Clay Mathews and I to walk out on Lambeau Field before a game to get the crowd pumped up to this song

Real American

of course we do poses. really, if anyone wants to get me a gift(i dont need it) make it be from the heart..or do something for charity (donation, spend time helping at a food bank etc)

I did ask Santa for the luck to pick better Fantasy Football teams next one league I managed to get into the playoffs...with no good I think it will make an early exit

things are picking up on the blog. I may be running a little contest soon (a friend is going to vegas to make a bet for me)