Friday, November 7, 2014

damn I look good

well it is that time of year again. when i look in the mirror (for the first time in a year) and see how much more handsome I Chad Delp, am.

                                                          yep it is my Bday today

This year I get to celebrate it at GAMEHOLECON in madison WI

3 fun filled days of gaming
today I get to start at 10am with my friends game

yes it is he-man RPG(role playing game for you non gamers out there in internet land)

then after that I am headed to play an RPG called
that will be run by this guy

in his game, you only check for traps with your feet

 that was after our group was victorious last year.

 saturdays schedule is

Breakfast at the original pancake house
12pm-6pm -- The Blighted Lands: Tower of Akbaba -- Luke Gygax
8pm-12am -- Worlds Worst Dungeon Crawl Spectator 
as of right now..i may add other games

this is what a gaming Bday weekend looks like
if you are against gaming/gamers

hopefully I roll 20s today

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