Tuesday, November 4, 2014


i have said this numerous times
One preview per movie please. I dont get the over Hyping, extra specials and countless previews...all of which show way too much of the movies

for instance the dark knight
this is all we would have needed to see. maybe a few sound clips of the joker's voice and laugh. That is it. we were going to see it anyway

Guardians of the Galaxy ..yes we needed preview of the movie. your average person probably did not know much about these characters..so it needed a little bit more. I get that.
DC you had a big dud with Green lantern. You may need some hype( although the last superman was good). There is no way you can do a wonder twins movie yet

ANTman/black panther etc..same as guardians ..needs a little kick.
speaking of Marval...bring back Howard the duck

for the love of kermit the frog....
no more Avengers stuff..
A. not coming out until MAY 2015
2. it made a billion dollars on the first one..i think people will be going.
 D. I now have to start recording TV shows. so i can skip commercials so I cant see these
if you can hype it this much already. just release the fricking film now

we will pay. hell some of us would pay double

we have not even started on star wars hype yet..that will be just as bad.

as my man forrest would say

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  1. Can't wait to see the movie thank for blogging about it Chad Delp