Sunday, December 7, 2014

the contest yes you can win something

no this is not the Seinfeld contest

the contest

but a different contest

My friend Cory visited Vegas this last weekend and made a bet for me

that the cubs would win the world series this coming year (2015)
it seems the odds are good for cubs winning 8:1
which means a bad payout if they win

now i am not a cubs fan..nor will i ever be

i have decided that anyone that can figure out why i would make such a bet has a chance to share in my good fortune(if somehow the cubs win it)

so FB message me, Google message me, email me ( or find a way to get your reason to me (other than posting in the comments) you wouldn't want others to get a chance because you screwed up

but i also request that you post a reply to the blog saying you sent me a message with a guess(so I can look for it)

i will run it for 2 weeks...then once that is up, I will take all the names that guessed(correctly), put in a hat and draw one winner (possible)
then if cubs win, i will give you 10% of what I win

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