Tuesday, December 23, 2014

things to do in elevators

Welcome back Peeps
yes I have peeps..some are made of Marshmallow

this post is all about messing with people in elevators

you have the classic from ghost


things you can say (one liners )

1.push your floor and say
"we are taking this shit to a whole new Level"

2.as you are leaving a crowded elevator, turn and point to someone random and say "i am leaving you in charge and I want a full report"

3. on a crowded elevator..say " i suppose you are all wondering why I have gathered you here today"

4 as people are trying to get on..block the elevator and ask "do you have an appointment"

5 ask everyone getting on if they purchased a ticket. if not direct them to leave

6 start sniffing and then smell someone random and say "oh God, it is you...gross"

things to do

stand face first in a corner
give a hug to anyone that gets on
if someone bumps into you say" i prefer you buy me dinner before you can touch me there"
sing "oscar mayer wiener song"

You and a friend are the last to get on the crowded elevator last so your facing the doors, then they say, "well sure I'll take your case but u gotta tell me, why did you kill them?"and you say " cause they were staring at the back of my head

this is by far my favorite thing to do

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