Sunday, March 15, 2015

chad delp is seven years sober

well it creeped up on me and i didn't realize it until i was in bed at 330am. It has been 7 F'ing years since i last had a drink

if i can do it you can do it. if you ever need a friend I am here. if you knew me back in 2008, when i was drinking heavy, there was no way this would happen.
I had a lot of people say i wouldnt even make it a month...well they were wrong.
Hell, I was only in it to do it for a year. If you really know me, i like to go over board on things.
I have had my chances over the years to slip up, have been close more than once.
I do have some great friends that have helped over the years. SO THANK YOU to them
Do I still want to drink...yes. I miss my scotch.
will i drink? no idea.
I am just trying to stay sober one more day....that is what you tell your self...unless it gets bad..then it is one more hour or one more minute. That all depends on the person

FYI, if you are taking a test that I am giving (this is for one person) next week here is some hints (C.S)

BaTEA..just the first one
T-1000 and T-2000

hodge podge of 80s questions maybe some history too

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