Tuesday, June 2, 2015

penny stock

well, It has been a while. I have been on some government secret missions That I can not talk about because i would have to kill you, except I lost my license to kill in cancun last week...SO I have a bit of a problem.

anywhoo. I am now the proud owner of over 100K shares of NEWL

the stock is LESS than a PENNY (as of this blog post)

is it a gamble ....yes

I am taking a gamble of less than  a $1000 dollars ...for a chance at a big payout (if it would hit $10/share)

will it happen tomorrow...i highly doubt it

The stock could also fold and i lose everything(less than $1000 i have invested)

i have been taking $50-100 of each token sale on eBay( true dungeon tokens) and investing in this company

i shall be branching out into other penny (or less stocks as well soon) there will be posts on those as well

if you are going to PASS about investing even a little in this or any penny stock..a $50 investment could pay out big (that is less than a night drinking for some of you)
i will leave you with this

disclaimer(investment lawyers told me to do this) ...I am not promising you riches...i am not a stock broker...I am a gambler who uses information (google) to make my investment choices
if you lose any money...not my fault

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