Sunday, March 1, 2015

2015 cons chad delp will be attending

first up is the exclusive ScanCon

the select few received a package in the mail

back to the future

there are codes/puzzles  etc we had to solve(all contained sort of) with in that box we recieved from Doc Brown in the mail(it was not from western Union)

it looks like we are up to 17/18 people now for this one. it all started in 2003..when there were 4 of us.  we add a few every year and have a blast

i may do a post after the con on the history of it..FYI if you didnt get it, the theme this year is back to the future (last year it was masters of the universe)

yes that is me in a skeletor costume

after that it will be WYC or as I call it pre truedungeoncon...this is were i can trade/sell a bunch of tokens and do 2 runs of the game. this is a free gaming convention


then it is the grand dad of gaming


or as i call it True dungeon with a splash of dealer hall and maybe one other game

true dungeon

i have a VIG badge so i use the early access to dealer hall to get the limited edition stuff so i can sell it on ebay and make some $$$$$

the finally it it game hole con in novemeber

where some of the old school DMs come to play

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