Tuesday, February 24, 2015

chad delp says "it is token trading time"

well folks it is that time of year when we tokenolics get our first taste of tokens from True dungeon

true dungeon website

there are some of us who are really addicted(clears throat)

we buy more than we would ever need...ever

I save what I think will be the "good ones" and they go up in value for trading etc

the main thing i want each year is a golden ticket

these are randomly inserted in packs.
yes just like these golden tickets

Golden ticket

i pulled a few of them. there are only 40 total. so i have that going for me...which is nice

i have been wheeling and dealing for a few days now. my head is spinning...i have not messed up yet

so if you are heading to GenCon in july check out True Dungeon.

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