Tuesday, February 17, 2015

chad delp says "remember to say Thank you"

so last week
I decided to keep track of how many Thank Yous I received for holding the door open
it was bad.
I was able to hold the door for 36 people in a 2 day span
i got 4 thank yous
and 2 smiles(those could have been thank yous, i wasn't sure if these two women spoke English). I am counting them. smiles are fine

yes it was 4 old women that said thank you

i guess it is time to start reminding people in a less subtle way

I will start saying in a sarcastic/mean voice..."oh you are welcome "
then if that doesn't work..follow them around and hold the door closed..
you couldn't say thank you ..so fuck you. this door is close. sometime nice guys turn bad...they can only take so much

hell, 80s video games even had thank yous

does it really hurt to say thank you

so you people that have little ones, teach them this and remember it yourself

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