Saturday, December 12, 2015

those stupid tablets at restaurants

So I am ranting big time for this post

I hate the stupid tablets at restaurants..for lots of reasons...I only like them for one reason(i will get to that later)

hate big time because kids want to play on them...and they charge for the that

The wait staff hates them. You can see it when they have to explain it\
The person I talked to why they don't...because their tips went down since they installed them
(because I think people cant do math..and it makes it easier to leave a crappy tip)

#3..I dont want to place my order on it...they suck..why even have a wait staff..hire drones..or R2D2 to deliver my food and drinks
FYI 5 days until I see it (Thursday )

#4...people are already on their phones not paying attention to each other as it is...lets put another device in there so there is less talking

  #8..old people cant use them...
they wait staff has to put that all in

now why I like them

only one reason..because the signature line...i can write (or in case below , draw what I want)

now i wonder if I can draw something a penis  ...i think that is next time

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