Saturday, November 14, 2015

gamehole con day 2

I got the post con i was delayed in writing this

Well Day 2 was Saturday Nov 7th...a great day in history. The day I was born

So we started the morning off with breakfast at The original pancake house

after some serious good food, We headed to the con.

First up for me was
Frat Boys vs Robo Hitler

Presented By : N/A featuring Michael Kent

Kappa Epsilon Gamma house is throwing its first big party since initiating its new members. Tonight is going to be epic assuming the campus Science Club who didn't get invited can help it. They plan to open a portal and sending all those partying frat jerks to another dimension. Unfortunately, the moment the portal is opened an army of cyborg Nazis lead by Robo-Hitler charge through. Can the boys of KEG save the the campus and the world?
I played a foreign exchange student...who was a gamer/computer nerd..who his Frat brothers gave the nickname Leeroy Jenkins (mainly because he gets an idea and runs with regard for the group..his real name was marcus the carcus)...if you have no idea who LeeRoy is  use Google
lets just say Leeroy Jenkins , stole the Dean's car, held a party at the Dean's house, hack his FB etc and posted pics...and saved the day vs hitler
we were at the frat party when the physics building the frat went to check out who was having a better party
well Robot Nazi's came out and started attacking
Using my Iphone and hacking skillz...I plugged into a robot and controlled it like a video game...I took down NAZIs left and of the other players was trapped in a room and said "oh no"
to which my robot came through the wall and said  "oh Yea"

well I didnt die..and we won


DGS Presents: KISS-Tastrophe (4 hrs)
Are you ready to Rock n' Roll all night and Party everyday? In this Marvel Super Heroes adventure you play the world famous rock group KISS as they perform in a benefit concert for Stark Enterprises. Rock and Roll and danger is in the air as the cities greatest villains descend on the concert to wreak havoc. Can the Demon, Starchild, Space Ace and Catman save the day or will it all end in KISS-Tastrophe? Guest DM: Gene Simmons

Yes it says Gene Simmons

he showed up and did not disappoint. this was done with Marval rules set (which i had not played before) 
I played Peter Criss...
we had to stop Dr Doom, Electro and Green Goblin from stealing the concert funds for charity.

then i took a long break. hung out with the group
that picture was for Ian who couldn't make it
that was sent to paul , who said we were fury

last game of the night was the 


Charity Event: Cutthroat Dungeon! (Spectator) (4 hrs)

Six competitors will enter the dungeon to face five rounds of tricks, traps, monsters, and mayhem! Staked with a loot pile of 25,000 gold pieces, our contestants will use their funds to bid on various sabotages they can inflict on one another. At the end of each round our panel of all-star celebrity judges will send one unlucky player to Valhalla until only the victor remains! Join gaming luminaries STEVE JACKSON, PETER ADKISON, JOHN KOVALIC, JEN PAGE and your host BILL CAVALIER the DUNGEON BASTARD for this very special charity event! All proceeds benefit Worldbuilders/Heifer International!

i was chosen to be a part of a 2 headed we had to work as one. 1st round was a battle against 10 monsters..we squashed them. then came vote off
we made it through the first round.immunity...alas Jayson did not and rolled low
he was out

second round was a map drawing...we were out because we sucked (working as one)and the crowd and judges did not think we were good enough...we rolled low and were out

3rd round..was D&D how much damage can a 1st level fighter with X stats do...
not easy questions

final round was a battle of the rogue sock puppet and tubby the whale
Tubby died after4 rounds :( 

the winner is

it was a great con. i was glad I spent my Bday gaming

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