Saturday, January 31, 2015

cooking with Chad Delp

so today i had a  hodgepodge of veggies and I decided to make a different pasta salad

first i cooked the pasta..i mixed two different kinds..because it is a fun cooking day

because I dont waste time. while pasta was cooking i took the red peppers, orange and green peppers and chopped them up

then chopped up onions as well(there is no crying in my kitchen..unless you get a paper cut)
got out some other items I would need as well

I then used my Olive oil and sauteed the chopped veggies

after all the cooking. i let everything cool down before mixing

I added chopped tomatoes, cheese cubes, olives, Garlic powder, Italian seasoning, more olive oil red vinaigrette and some Parmesan cheese..mixed it all together and put it in the fridge for a few hours before testing
 well I can safely say it is good..i like it. i plan on eating it

sometimes you just have to go with the flow cooking and have fun with will be consumed during the big game tomorrow. if my gaming group shows up they can try it.

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